Jordan Swimming Federation

Jordan Swimming Federation (JSF) is the governing body for promotion and administration of the Aquatic Sports in Jordan, and one of the Jordanian Olympic Committee Federations. It was first established in 1979, when Jordan's first national swimming team was formed and competed in the Arab Sport Competition in Alexandria/Egypt.
JSF is affiliated to FINA, the world governing body for the sport, also affiliated to the Asian Swimming Federation (AASF), the West Asian Swimming Federation (WASF), the PAN Arab Swimming Federation, and the Mediterranean Swimming Confederation (COMEN).
The Federation is operated by an elected voluntary Board of Directors, consists of seven members, the President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, and three other members alongside three committees: Technical Committee, Referees Committee and Public Relation Committee.

Our Vision

To promote and recognize swimming as a major sport In Jordan.

Our Focus

To provide the best opportunities for local swimmers.

The Purpose

To provide a range of opportunities for local swimmers & clubs from learning to competitive swimming to allow Jordanians to participate and excel in this sport.

Our Goals
  • Develop and promote quality swimming.
  • Develop professional swimming coaches.
  • Develop professional swimming referees.
  • Increase the number of swimmers and swimming clubs across Jordan.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with local swimming clubs.
  • Secure on-going funding.
  • Develop and maintain an efficient and effective federation structure.
  • Provide professional services in swimming.

  • To achieve the above goals, cooperation, coordination, communication, integrity, innovation, accountability, shared vision, excellence, teamwork and commitment will be present.