Technical Committees and National Teams Committee

Dr. Fida' Mehiar Head of Technical Committee
Mr. Ammar AL-Rjoub Member
Dr. Sophia Akrosh Member
Ms. Saba Salameh Member

Referee Committees

Marwan AL-Daloury Head of National Teams Committee
Nour Al-deen Al-sharkawe Member
Saja Tounsi Member
Dr. Ali AL-Swaaeer Member
Moataz Al-gazazi Member
Number of current local referees registered at the Federation, these include Starters, Marshals, Inspectors of Turns, Judges of Stroke, Timekeepers, Recorders, Announcers, etc.
Grading Male Female Total
International 5 1 5
Asian 4 - 5
First 18 2 20
Second 5 2 7
Third 18 8 26
Un-graded 38 44 82
Total 94 57 151

** Six FINA listed referees & Four AASF listed referees.

Legal Committees

Mr. Ghanem Makhamreh Member
Mr. Bashar AL-Sha'er Member

National Team Coaches

Dr. Ali AL-Nawasieh Head Coach
Mr. Faisal AL-Hourani Swimming Coach
Mr. Yehia AL-Salti Swimming Coach
Mr. Ameen Attalah Fitness Coach