Technical Committees and National Teams Committee

Dr. Fida' Mehiar Head of Technical Committee
Dr. Ali AL-Nawasieh Member
Mr. Mou'th AL-Bedour Member
Mr. Omar Abbasi Member
Mr. Marwan AL-Daloury Member
Mr. Nidal Abu AL-Faileat Member
Mr. Nabil Khoury Member
Mr. Rasool AL-ajah Member

Referee Committees

Marwan AL-Daloury Head of National Teams Committee
Mohammad AL-Hourani Member
Jumanah Ramadan Member
Saja Tounsi Member
Mosheer Kabha Member
Mo'taz AL-Jazazi Member
Mohammad Abu Hdeeb Member
Number of current local referees registered at the Federation, these include Starters, Marshals, Inspectors of Turns, Judges of Stroke, Timekeepers, Recorders, Announcers, etc.
Grading Male Female Total
International 5 1 5
Asian 4 - 5
First 18 2 20
Second 5 2 7
Third 18 8 26
Un-graded 38 44 82
Total 94 57 151

** Six FINA listed referees & Four AASF listed referees.

Legal Committees

Mr. Ghanem Makhamreh Member
Mr. Bashar AL-Sha'er Member

National Team Coaches

Dr. Ali AL-Nawasieh Head Coach
Mr. Faisal AL-Hourani Swimming Coach
Mr. Yehia AL-Salti Swimming Coach
Mr. Ameen Attalah Fitness Coach